Our Process

It takes collaboration to create dynamic professional headshots. So, along the way to capturing your brand matching image, each expression is reviewed and adjusted during your studio session. Once that perfect balance between confidence and approachability meets your approval, proofs are uploaded to a password protected webpage where you may select your favorites and place your order.

What to wear?

If you feel comfortable in it, you’ll photograph well wearing it, but a few guidelines to keep in mind while perusing your closet for your headshot outfit include:

1) Solid colors are safe choices for their timelessness;

2) T-shirts, tank tops, collared shirts, sweaters and jackets work;

3) Subtle textures and patterns add interest.

Still in doubt? Bring options. We have steamer in the studio to solve any wrinkle issues that might arise in transport.


Jewelry is best kept to a minimum. Studs or small earrings and simple necklaces are fine, while anything hanging or too chunky can draw too much attention away from you.

Makeup & Hair – Women

Makeup is recommended for women. If you choose to hire one of our professional makeup artists, allow an hour ahead of your scheduled shoot time for the makeup to be applied for our studio lighting.

If a major hair transformation is in order, just mention this prior to your session, so we can hire the appropriate hair specialist. Otherwise, simply come to the studio hair ready.

Makeup & Hair – Men

Since all released images are retouched, makeup is not recommended for men. Alternatively, men may wish to hire a hair professional on the day of the shoot if being photographed with facial hair. In this case, simply come to the studio with your preferred growth along with your personal grooming tools for the artist to use for length adjustments.